Shortcuts for Windows

Keyboard Shortcuts are helpful ways to get around quickly in an operating system like Windows. A lot of time is lost navigating with the mouse and clicking around until the right menu is found. Often various settings and menus are very hidden.

To move faster in Windows, the so-called keyboard shortcuts can be used. These are built into Windows or other programs. They are intended to simplify the operation of these and also make it faster.

Windows therefore offers a variety of keyboard shortcuts that you can use. These are listed in my list. I have summarized and explained the most important commands, so that they can be useful to you. Once to save time as well as to make an impression, because you know these commands!

The list contains keyboard shortcuts for Windows 10 and Windows 11. The keys are to be pressed together.

Useful operating system functions

Keyboard-KeysWindows 11Windows 10Usage
Windows key+AXOpens the quick settings
Windows key+AXOpens the information center
Windows key+CXOpens the Microsoft Teams Chat
Windows key+CXOpens cortana
Windows key+DXTo the desktop or when pressing again, switch back to the final view
Windows key+ALT+BXActivated / deactivated High Dynamic Range
Windows key+HXXStarts the language input
Windows key+IXXOpens the settings of the operating system
Windows key+LXXLocking the computer or the registered user account
Windows key+MXXMinimize all windows. Comparable to Windows key+D
Windows key+SHIFT+MXXRestore minimized windows through Windows button+M
Windows key+NXOpen the calendar
Windows key+PXXCall up projection mode
Windows key+CTRL+QXXOpen the remote aid
Windows key+RXXOpen the execution context
Windows key+SXXOpen Windows search
Windows key+VXXOpen the course of the intermediate laying. This must be activated first!
Windows key+. (Point)XXOpen the emoji menu
Windows key+break-keyXXOpening the Windows settings
Windows key+tabXXView of all active applications
Windows key+arrow-up key buttonXXMaximize active windows
Windows button+arrow-down buttonXXMinimize active windows
Windows key+arrow-left keyXXActive window on the left of the screen
Windows button+arrow-right keyXXActive window on the right of the screen
Windows key + +-button (plus)XXOpens the screen magnifying glass and enlarges it
Windows key + -key (minus)XXSmoking the screen magnifying glass
ALT + SHIFTXXChanges between the selected input languages
CTRL + SHIFT + ESCXXOpens the task manager

Navigation between windows/programs

Keyboard-KeysWindows 11Windows 10Usage
ALT+TABXXChange between the open windows/programs
Windows key+tabXXChange between the open windows/programs and desktop
Windows key+CTRL+DXXOpen new virtual desktop
Windows key+CTRL+arrow-left/right keyXXChange between the virtual desktops
Windows key+CTRL+F4XXCurrent virtual desktop is closed

Most used keyboard shortcuts in programs

Keyboard-KeysWindows 11Windows 10Usage
CTRL+AXXAny element is selected
CTRL+CXXSelected elements are copied
CTRL+XXXSelected elements are cut out and can be inserted with CTRL+V
CTRL+VXXCopied/cut elements with CTRL+C are inserted
CTRL+FXXOpens the search field
CTRL+F4XXCloses the active program
F10 / ALTXXJumps to the menu of the respective program

Creation of screen prints / screenshots

Keyboard-KeysWindows 11Windows 10Usage
Print buttonXXCreation of a screenshot of the current screen view in the clipboard. Can be inserted into a program with CTRL+V
ALT+print buttonXXCreation of a screenshot of the active program/file in the clipboard. Can be inserted into a program with CTRL+V
Windows key+SHIFT+SXXSnipping tool shortcut to create a screenshot

Windows Explorer keyboard commands

Keyboard-KeysWindows 11Windows 10Usage
Windows key+EXXOpen the File Explorer
CTRL+E / CTRL+FXXCursor jumps into the search field
CTRL+NXXOpen another Windows Explorer window
CTRL+WXXClose active Windows Explorer
CTRL+mouse wheelXXChange display of the elements
CTRL+SHIFT+NXXCreate new folders
ALT+PXXActivate/deactivate the preview window
ALT+EnterXXView the properties of the selected element
F2XXIf an element is selected, then this is renaming the current element